Thursday, August 17, 2017

Batteries Charged, Memory chips empty, most things packed

  Waited until last day and have been packing my suitcase, my backpack was done earlier. Tonight after the news program, Kathy takes me to the airport and has peace without me for six nights. Hope she enjoys it.

  That is Kathy and Molly in front of what is left of Exit Glacier. This was from our impromptu day trip to Seward and back. It is only 123 beautiful miles from our home and I must have driven it close to a thousand times between my job and fun trips. Any longtime readers may remember us on a snowmobile at this same spot, may try that again this Feb when we come back for a snow fix.

   My flight should get into Salt Lake City at 1 PM and then a shuttle to the hotel. I hope to explore down town a bit before my Nephew gets there. Time will tell, I may just fall asleep in the room. This is a explore museums and mines and INL tour with a possible eclipse sighting thrown in. Our neighbors are camped out on the Snake River in Oregon and are well stocked with food and eclipse glasses. They drove from here to there with their camper just to witness the event.

  Hope anyone who wants to see the eclipse gets to do so safely.

Total Eclipse Monday 21 August 2017
This link shows the time and area in top left corner.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

8 Squirrels gone another sitting on trap

  I am going nutty with these squirrels. Eight are gone and I still have them in my attic. As I was talking to my brother today, another squirrel climbed all over the cage trying to get inside. I had left it locked.

 UPDATE: Squirrel 9 has been relocated.

Kathy trying her new camera

  She likes the very light weight and small size of the FZ-80. It will take a while to get good with it and she has time.

  We needed a walk and this 3 mile strole along the Costal Trail on a Sunny afternoon was just what we needed. Lots of people were out for the great weather.

  I only did the basic setup, time date etc on the camera and all pics in auto mode.

  Tomorrow I start packing for my short mini trip to spend time with Nephew Dave.

  I will be taking my Solar Viewer along.....

  Now an example of the zoom on this camera. 20mm to 1200mm.

  Anchorage from the port side.

  It was a hazy kinda day as these pics show. 

  The nightly news is on and yet another home invasion has occurred, way too many of those happen in this city. A home robbery is bad, but having armed people break into your home and take you hostage is terrible. Not much chance of staying alive unless you fight back quickly. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Six Squirrels Gone From My Yard

UPDATE: Squirrel seven was relocated today

  I decided to rebait the live cage today since we still have those furry chewing critters in our attic. We had to go paint our ceramic bowls we had made and after that, we went grocery shopping. I knew we needed peanut butter as I was out and it makes great bait.

  After getting home we heard lots of Squirrel barking, so after the groceries were put away, I went out to bait the trap. One guy just kept barking at me, so I used my Russian 17 cal pellet gun to end his life and he fell out of the tree. So now six have been caught and relocated and two shot and killed. My friend has shot over 30 in his yard this Summer. I have never seen so many here before.

  I ordered a laptop today and got email confirming so, then ten minutes later I got another email. Sorry but your order is unable to be processed and your credit card will be credited the cost. 

  Perhaps I am going thru a cosmic funk and should wait a few months before trying to buy anything.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

As The Plot Thickens....

Got this email tonight. See email from Amazon on last post.

ICSTARS - Amazon Marketplace

12:47 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
Order ID 111-3539600-1572215:
2 of Solar Filter - Unversal Lens Filter 70mm - White Light for camera [ASIN: B06ZZ59L3N]

------------- Begin message -------------


Recently, Amazon has published a notice to clients who purchased ULF filters on AMAZON regarding safety of the product.
Any filter bought through ICSTARS on Amazon is SAFE.

Be advised that NASA and AAS American Astronomical Society website at for Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers specifically list Daystar Filters and ICSTARS products in both Solar Glasses and the Solar Filters for Telescopes, Binoculars & Camera Lenses section below.

All Daystar ULF Universal Lens Filter products use Thousand Oaks SolarLite film and are converted by American Paper Optics here in the United states.

Amazon did not request that our company send them documents.
Amazon has rejected attempts by Daystar or ICSTARS to submit documentation to them.

Because ISO-12312-2 applies specifically to Sunglasses and eyewear, Universal Lens Filters cannot legally be imprinted with the ISO-12312-2 certification.
We do have documentation for this fact.   If you wish to see this documentation, please feel free to contact us at [e-mail address removed]
The ISO standard may also be referenced online at:

Members of the AAS have been in contact with Amazon about this message in hopes that you may be reassured by this confusing information; which a senior AAS member has referred to as 'creating unnecessary panic'.
We are sorry that you may be confused by this information.

We hope you will visit the above websites for reassurances of our product quality by the very sources cited in the message Amazon sent you.

Again:  Daystar brand ULF Solar Filters bought through Amazon by ICSTARS are SAFE.

Most importantly, we hope you will use safe eye protection for August 21st for your eyes with ISO certified glasses and with solar filters for your equipment from sources on the AAS reputable vendors listing.

Clear skies,
jen Winter - Owner

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Well Screw Me

  I had ordered these Solar viewer filters months ago and have been looking at the Sun on clear days and taking pictures looking through a 300mm lens trying to get my settings correct. Now I had just heard from my Scamp trailer neighbor that he did not want to use my spare filter, as he had heard some were fakes and could cause blindness, so he was going to buy this from REI in Bend Oregon so he would have a good safe one. I just thought he was being nutty. Now I am glad he said no thank you.

UpDate on Squirrels, # 4 got relocated today. So 5 are now gone from my yard.

    A few minutes ago I got two emails from Amazon. Read Below.


We’re writing to provide you with important safety information about the eclipse products you purchased on Amazon (order #11 for #14 Welder's Glass Solar Eclipse and Sun Viewer-Pleasing Green Image of the Sun - Made in USA).

To protect your eyes when viewing the sun or an eclipse, NASA and the American Astronomical Society (AAS) advise you to use solar eclipse glasses or other solar filters from recommended manufacturers.  Viewing the sun or an eclipse using any other glasses or filters could result in loss of vision or permanent blindness.

Amazon has not received confirmation from the supplier of your order that they sourced the item from a recommended manufacturer.  We recommend that you DO NOT use this product to view the sun or the eclipse.

Amazon is applying a balance for the purchase price to Your Account (please allow 7-10 days for this to appear on Your Account).  There is no need for you to return the product. You can view your available balance and activity here:

For more information about safely viewing a solar eclipse please see the NASA and AAS websites.

If you purchased this item for someone else, please pass along this information to the recipient.

We hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ramblings From Rainy Days

 My neighbors left with their camper for the three-day drive to Oregon this morning.  
 Thanks to Barney and others who left comments to my question. They turned on their Dometic refrigerator and have it on propane and will leave it on for their trip.  

  I gave them chem packs and a quick intro on how to use a black tank properly. They now know Walmart sells a dump hose and will get one on the way out of town. No wonder he did not like the Scamp. 

  I was amazed the factory did not explain how to use the camper to him. They are headed to the Snake river to see the eclipse and will be back two days after I fly back to see the same concert we are going to. 

  I asked and they do not have an eclipse viewing lens. He heard they were out and people were selling fakes that could leave you blind. I offered one of mine and she said 'YES' and he said no. So they hope to find a real one in Bend Oregon. This was a mental overload for me.

  I fly out on the 17th and have a nice hotel and Mustang convertible rental car reserved. It will be a sight seeing road trip with a detour to the gold country for the eclipse and then more sight seeing and then catch a plane back. I always enjoy Nephew Dave adventures, he is a fun guy to hang with.

  Today was an intro to operating a car with a 17 year old girl. Her mom will not help and she wants to take a driving course next year. Her apprehension was holding her back. So I took her to the empty local parking lot where dads take their kids. It was an hour or two getting used to starting and stopping and making tight turns and parking in a slot and close to a curb. Most time was learning to correctly use gas pedal and brake pedal, but by the end, she was doing fine. 

  She wants to do it a few more times and was happy I stayed calm. Hey, at least I can still do something productive.


 critters are either living in a new location or 

possibly just jumping tree to tree to get back 

home. This may or may not be better than 

shooting them with my pellet gun. At least the 
one I shot is not coming back. There are at 

least 20 more in my trees and playing food 

storage experts in my attic each morning. 

Bird seed and a dab of peanut butter have been the bait.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Stayed Alive A Year After My Heart Attack

  Today a year ago I thought my life here on earth was over. I read back through my blog and see I did a lot of fun things this year. I thought I might not make it a year and tried everything I wanted to do.  It was a fun year for me. It did teach me that I am ready to go, anytime will do. 


  So not a lot to say, but I am very happy to have lived this past year.