Thursday, January 18, 2018

RVing to Make Friends

  Left Disney late last night and have enjoyed a lazy day at the Cabana. Grabbed some grocery items at Walmart and bread and Boars Head turkey at Publix. Yep a do little day for us.

  As I stood in a line for a ride yesterday, I overheard another fascinating for me conversation. A woman who said she was a 'full timer' staying at the Wilderness campground was giving advice to a couple. This is a loose version of her advice. ' My husband retired and he had no friends and I had no friends, so after a year of not even knowing our neighbors I knew from reading blogs that there was a better life out there. So he started reading the RV blogs with me and decided I was right. So we got rid of everything and bought a diesel pusher RV and hit the road. It has been great as we have made friends with two of the bloggers we followed and then started making friends with people we met in parks. It has completely changed our lives!
  The couple had many questions and she was happy to inform them. ' There is a pecking order in the RV world, Class A diesel pushers are the upper class and hang together. Then there are the class A gassers, may be OK or may be not. Do not even bother with people in 5th wheels, trailers or truck campers as they are people you would not want to know anyway.' The conversation went on, but I tuned out after that pecking order speech. They are leaving Florida and meeting another blogger in Arizona this weekend. 

  If you are one of my 64 views each day, you may remember me. I know you do not consider me friend material. Happy trails in your friend finding RV life.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Coats, Gloves, and Hats Needed In Disney World.

  Our second day in Disney was early hours at Animal Kingdom. We wanted to ride the major ride inside Pandora. It was 41 degrees and breezy at 7 am as we waited in the line that had formed. A Fast Pass is great, but one should really do the line at least once for all the cool things you can see. After that we went on the safari bus and at 8:30 am the animals were all very active ( trying to stay warm I suspect.) It was the best ride we ever had as far as seeing all the animals. Then it was three times on Yetti for me and we went back to the hotel to rest. At 3 pm we were back with fast pass times to be used and stayed until 8 pm. I rode Yetti  three more times and still love that coaster.

 Now back in the hotel typing this. This four day mini trip was planned for low crowds and so far has been that way, just had not seen a cold snap coming, yet it is better than hot and muggy. No shorts and sandals on this visit.

 It was good to have a long week at the Cabana and we got a lot done. My suitcase had been damaged on the way back from Chile and American Airlines is giving me a new one. Insurance was paid, appointments made and other chores necessary in life were accomplished.

  Sleeping in tomorrow and then doing EPCOT. They have early hours but I will not be there for them.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Twas A Good Season

  Disney is taking down their Christmas decorations now so the season must be over. It was a good one for us. 

  I spent the day ( one hour ) installing the parts that came in our Roomba 650 overhaul kit. Amazon came through for me again and had all the things needed to keep your vacuum like new. It was charged in a few hours and cleaned our bedroom and went back to it's charging station and parked. It is a great floor sweeper and I am glad $ 42 is all they charge for the kit.

  Yesterday was spent inside Disney and the weather was fantastic. Fast Pass for Soarin, twice, and the Toy Story, Star Tours and Tower of Terror. Add the boat rides and it was a enjoyable six hours of entertainment.  

15 minute was really just walk on, no line

  I was once again listening to others conversations on the parking lot to park shuttle. Three young men were discussing their different 401K / pension / IRA options at their jobs. One guy said he was getting the company match on a 401K, but he had an IRA his mom helped him set up and it invested in Bit Coin and was doing fantastic! " Guys, you have to do this and my Mom can help." The tram ride ended and I never heard the rest of the story. So after getting back to the Cabana I went online and discovered there really is such a thing as an IRA that invests and holds Bit Coins. Has the world gone insane!!!

  The rocket above is the most powerful since the Saturn V Apollo rocket. It is the Space X Heavy Lift with 27 liquid fueled engines. It can put 140,000 pounds into orbit. They will do another engine run tonight at 5 pm and plan to launch before the end of the month. It is made of 3 Falcon-9 rockets bolted together and they will return and land like the one did this week. I do not know if they will land as one or break apart and land as three Falcon-9 s. 

  I am up at 5 am and considering paying the neighbor kid to replace the muffler on his truck. His new job requires he leave at 3:30 am and it has awoken me every day. Perhaps I can talk him into parking by the swimming pool.... 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Been a Little Chilly

  Not a lot going on since we left Disney World ten days ago. That has been fine since neither of us caught a cold or worse. Simple days at the Cabana, a few warm ones and then intense rain before we said goodbye to the 60's. The temps have been mid 50's afternoons to low 40's in the mornings for the last several days. Have not used the furnace, but I have enjoyed having a little ceramic heater to keep it cozy inside the Cabana. I am so glad the very cold did not make it to our island. 

  We took a drive and had a nice diner out a few days ago. We were seated in a corner and enjoying the outside view. Then a couple sat next to us and my hearing is too good. It must have been a 1st date type of thing ( last date in my opinion.) The woman sixty something spent the whole time telling him how great her life had been and never let him even ask a question. After her leftovers were boxed and he paid the check, she said " So, what did you do for a living?" He seemed happy and proud to say he had worked in a ***** plant. She responded " So sad you wasted your life that way." She then got up and without a goodbye, walked to the exit. I was looking at the man and he looked up at me and then shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. Yep, he is not her type and happy about that. 

  Kathy started and finished a very hard puzzle and I got educated on Block Chain C++ program and the so dangerous Bit Coin investment craze. My tech friend was so happy to tell me about his $ 1000.00 investment this year was now worth $ 20000.00 and it was not too late to jump on the investment train. I read the white paper and took an online course on the operational concept. Then went to youtube to get all the tech info and pro's and con's about this whole block chain alt currency thing. After getting well versed and the mystery was gone, I am convinced it is not for me. I was stunned to learn it consumes about 5% of ELECTRICITY produced on Earth.  Video game boards are used by the thousands to crack the proof of work code and then make a new transaction log block to add to the chain. Each transaction is broadcast on the web and every available processor starts working on it until they solve it or get a proof code from someone who beat them to it. This is a massive waste of energy and where about 25% of hard cash invested into coin goes.  

  Otherwise not a lot going on. Just a much needed break between travels. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Easter Island Pics2

  This is perhaps the best known pic and it is at the quarry along with a few other famous ones. 

  Most all standing Moi are recent work done to restore them. When the five religious groups went to war, they destroyed all the Moi of the other sect.  Many unknowns, although a food shortage and over population were the main reasons for their wars.

  The weather has cooled a bit here and shorts are not quite enough now. It does feel good though and is good for having the windows open. With the New Year approaching, the news tonight reminded everyone that firing guns into the air is dangerous as gravity pulls the bullets back to Earth and could harm or kill someone. It is also against the law. I might would try into the ground, but do not know the location of power, water, sewer, and cable lines in my yard. It would be hard to explain the hole in my water line.

  Enjoying a few days at the Cabana. This year started out zoom zoom zoom. Both of my friends who had planned to visit this Winter have cancelled their plans this year. So this may be our first Winter without house guests. 

A recreation of one of the homes. The stone wall keeps people away from the house. It is built using a foundation of blocks with holes like I had a pic of in the last post.

Update: The bills are all in and the 21 night trip including airfare, tips, dirt bike rental and food cost us $15K. Gate 1 is fantastic to travel with.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Easter Island Pics 1

  The Moi statues are what most people think of when they hear Easter Island.

  Nearly 500 forty foot tall sandstone statues were carved from one quarry.

  They encircle the 22Km long triangle shaped island. There is some some known history of these people but more mystery's remain.

  We have spent Christmas inside Disney World and yes Sherry, it is very crowded. It has cooled off to long pants and light jacket weather.

  Some of the hard stone work rivals Machu Pichu Peru.

  The Island was left without people for a long time after wars over religion and then disease killed almost everyone. The few ( less than 100 ) remaining were taken as slaves to work in Chile.

Foundation of a house. These were TEPEE type woven homes and the holes held the poles.

Sunday, December 24, 2017